Lean – 5s

Decided to get my home office organised for the new year using Lean tools and techniques. I’m a qualified Lean practitioner so applying what I’ve learned should be easy!

My goal is: to be more organised to help with my Uni work and nutritional musings.

Applying the following Lean 5S steps, called phases I’ve created a calmer more creative space.

Sorting – get rid of junk.
Straightening – organise and find a place for everything.
Shine – systematic cleaning, clean, clean, clean.
Standardise – develop a routine for sorting, straightening and shining.
Sustaining – keep it tidy and organised.

See what you think!

I now need to write a 2,000 word project plan, a presentation and a 2,500 assignment on inflammatory bowel disease. Wish me luck.







One comment

  1. Hope all is going well with your assignment, reading your blog has really got me motivated! Started de cluttering this morning and it feels so good.

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