‘Smart Swaps’ campaign launched by Public Health England

You may have seen in the media over the last couple of days the new Change4Life ‘Smart Swaps’ campaign launched by Public Health England, an Executive Agency of the Department of Health.  One of the aims of the Agency, established in 2013 is to raise public awareness of health risks and help change behaviour.

With my experience as a volunteer ‘Food and Health Ambassador’ with Warrington Borough Council I welcome this new addition to the Change4Life family. More so than ever people are interested in health, and health promotions like this do make people think and hopefully act.

The messages are simple

  • switch from whole milk to semi – skimmed;
  • from sugary cereal to plain cereal;
  • from full fat cheese to reduced fat;
  • and from sugary drinks to sugar free drinks (such as water).

These are small changes but can make a difference.

‘Smart Swaps‘ roadshows have been arrranged across England to encourage families to cut the biggest amount of sugar and saturated fat from their diets. (See link for Roadshow dates and venues).



The children (and volunteers) at the Change4Life cookery courses loved it when Wolfie the Warrington Wolves mascot dropped in.

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