I’m getting ready to go back to Uni next week and getting prepared for the health promotion ‘Nutri-juice‘ we have planned at the end of Jan.

A group of us (me, Gemma, Kay and Rhi) are undertaking a project to open up a juice bar within the university Campus to increase the nutritional intake of students and promote the benefits of eating fruit and veg.

The survey we did confirmed there was a market for juices and at the focus group students were given samples to try and comment on.
We’ve taken into account the feedback from both and are offering 3 delicious pure fruit and veg juices.

I’ve been doing some research about the nutritional content of juices versus whole fruit and veg and the results are positive. In one USA study daily vegetable juice consumption was said to be associated with reduced blood pressure in individuals who were hypertensive at the start of the trial (1). Another report outlined that leafy greens and certain root veg was a convenient vehicle for delivering dietary folate (2).

One of the juices we are offering contains Granny Smith apples and celery – it’s bright green and delicious!

I’ll post some images of the event and if you are an a Edge Hill student look out for us in the ‘Hub’.

You can follow the progress of Nutri-juice on Facebook.




(1) Shenoy et, al.
(2) Wang et, al.

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