I’ve taken time out today from studying to make some delicious juices. Both of these recipes feature on the menu for our Nutri-juice health promotion taking place in January – I’ve mentioned the project in earlier posts. The colours are so vibrant and the drinks are very refreshing.

The next step for the group it to analyse the exact nutritional content of each one using a dietary assessment tool. I’m sure this will come in very useful and we will be using this to market the juices on the day.

The juices picture below are:

Energy Devil: Beetroot, cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon.

Brain Booster: Carrot, apple beetroot, spinach and celery.

We’ve got a meeting tomorrow to run through our plans and check we are on track with everything.  Edge Hill has partnered with a national social enterprise support service to offer students an opportunity to access funding and support to help start a social enterprise venture or project. We have applied for an award from the fund so fingers crossed we will be successful and can make a positive step to improving the nutritional intake of students on campus and at the same time promote the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables.

It’s not easy trying to organise a health promotion with deadlines looming but I personally have learned a great deal about entrepreneurship and the amount of work that’s involved in running a real life promotion. It’s also been great fun!





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