Nutrition Society – Winter Meeting 2013

As a second year Nutrition and Health Student I’ve still got a great deal to learn and am constantly reading in preparation for lectures, assignments and generally around my subject.

I’m really busy at the moment  with some interesting presentations to deliver and assignments to be handed in by the end of January. Today I am finishing off my presentation for the module ‘Biology of Disease’ on my chosen subject which is Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I was advised by my Programme Lead that it would be beneficial to choose a subject I had no prior knowledge of, as this would help broaden my knowledge base. And it has!

I attended the Nutrition Society Winter Meeting on 11th and 12th December 2013 at the Royal College of Surgeons in London and the event inspired me choose this topic. The conference title was ‘Diet, Gut Microbiology and Human Health’ and the whole two days were fascinating.

Day one: covered the gut microbiome, how it is formed, how it is studied and how it changes in disease and over the lifecourse.

Day two: covered diet and gut metabolism, how the microbiome can be manipulated and the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics.

Over the two days eminent professors talked passionately about their specialist subjects and a series of poster presentations, delivered by post grad students gave us lots to think about. The event was great for networking and I enjoyed talking to delegates, many from overseas, who are currently involved in primary research projects.

The two days really gave me a good insight into the subject and I hope to attend further events.

The Nutrition Society was established in 1941 to advance the scientific study of nutrition. The website has details of up coming events and on Wednesday there is a half day event hosted by the British Nutrition Foundation, in London, called ‘Popular Diets – what is the evidence? The event is being broadcast live online so I’m looking forward to tuning in – technology permitting!
I would definitely recommend other Nutrition students join if they’ve not already done so.

You can access the Nutrition Society via the following link:


Nutrition Society

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