London Marathon Training

I was lucky enough to finally get a place in the Virgin London Marathon, taking place on Sunday 13th April 2014. I’ve entered the ballot for a few years but have been unsuccessful.   When the ‘YOU’RE IN‘ magazine popped through the letter box on 28th September last year it was delighted (actually jumping up and down!!)

I’ve been training since then and when I’m at Uni I run on the track to help build up speed.  In  the week I jog and do interval training and then a long run at the weekend. I’ve been running in the rain, hail and sleet and even went running on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day! 

Today I did my longest run ever 16 miles, it took me 3 hours which works out at 11:25 minute mile. I’ve set myself a target of completing it in 4 hours 45 minutes and 28 seconds (28 because its my birthday in case you wondered!) To meet my target I need to speed up to 10:53 min per mile and need to run that pace for each and every marathon mile.There are still 91 days to the event so hopefully my target is achievable.

I’m raising money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation a great charity that grants wishes of a lifetime to seriously and terminally ill children; and entertains over 500,000 children with fun and laughter in every hospital and hospice in the UK.All Starlight’s activities are aimed at distracting children from the pain, fear and isolation they can often feel as a result of their illness and at strengthening family bonds at what is often a time of great stress. To find out more about the charity click the following link.

Anyone who knows me personally will be aware that I just adore anything with stars on. With Starlight I get to run with a vest covered in stars – what’s not to love!

I’ve set up a Virgin London Marathon just giving page and am aiming to raise £445.28 to match my target time. If you would like to help raise some funds for this great cause you can sponsor me via the following link.  Thanks in advance if you do.

Val  x

Val's target!!

Val’s target!!

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