I don’t know about you but I spend a small fortune on magazines. I love keeping up to date with the latest news on running, cycling, health and fitness and my favourite magazine of all is ‘Zest’.  Or should I say was ‘Zest’ because the publishers Hearst have decided to stop publication after the January 2014 edition.

I panicked that I wouldn’t be able to pick up the last edition, but my lovely sister found me the final copy.  I will be forever grateful!

Why was it so special? Well, it’s special to me because in 2010 it inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and travel to Tanzania to do volunteer work in a kindergarten and orphanage.  The article that struck a chord with me said ”that we want more from holidays than just sun and sightseeing, we now want to do something worthwhile for the communities and destinations we visit”.

Everything about my ‘voluntourist’ trip was amazing, I’ll never forget it! From a nutrition perspective it was fascinating to learn about the diet and the nutritional challenges faced by that part of the world .  The food was very simple, basically ‘rice and beans’ but tasty and nutritious.  A lasting memory will be the contrast between the over indulgence of the West and the simplicity of the African diet.

I wonder who will be inspired by the final edition. This time we were invited to take inspiration from three of the members of the ‘Zest‘ team who had faced dramatic challenges – and won. The first faced her fears and went to work in a surf and yoga school in India, the second competed a 100 mile cycle challenge and the third lost 3 stone and gained a massive confidence boost.

We may not have the magazine but we can still have a zest for life. In the spirits of ‘Zest’ let’s make sure we step out of our comfort zone, feel the fear and do it anyway and above all make the most of every single day!


Final edition of Zest January 2014

Final edition of Zest January 2014

Zest January 2010 and the article that inspired me!

Zest January 2010 and the article that inspired me!

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