Obesity Awareness

You may notice in the media over the next few days lots of discussion about the obesity crisis facing the nation. This is because this week is National Obesity Awareness Week!

The concern is based on the forecast that if the obesity rate continues to rise in line with current predictions more than half the UK population is heading for obesity by 2050, with a cost of £50 billion per year.

The recently published National Obesity Forum Report outlines the need for greater focus on specific strategies to support individuals who are already obese. It goes on to say current government policy focuses largely on prevention, but it does not address the problems of those already obese or morbidly obese and the costs associated with their health conditions.

If you have an interest in obesity issues and would like to join in the national conversation on obesity, click on the following link. You need to register first (you can remain anonymous) and then chose a topic and answer the question(s) posed on that topic. If nothing else it gets you thinking and there are links to websites with further facts about the subject.

This is an issue that affects everyone whether it be health issues faced personally or by a family member, the drain on the National Health Service or the rising cost to the tax payer.  The most worrying aspect for me is the level of childhood obesity.

As a nutrition student I’m fascinated by the subject of obesity and what we can do to address it. Public awareness  campaigns outlining the scale of the problem, the cost to the nation and the health risks are in my opinion a positive step forward.


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