Creativity and Innovation

Today we had a really interesting lecture on creativity and innovation which are ‘the ability to link information in new ways and to develop the resulting ideas into implemented solutions’.

I was struck by outcomes from research undertaken to measure the level of creativity as different ages, this is what they found:

  • Five year olds are creative 98% of the time but adults are only creative 2% of the time!

So what can we do to redress the balance? We were encouraged to be more creative and innovative and to help we should try to:

  • be more child like with less inhibitions and no fear or embarrassment
  • imagine things from somebody else’s perspective
  • look at what is happening in other countries and cultures
  • ask experts for help or ask how would somebody else solve this problem
  • understand why people think the way they do, by talking to them or reading about them
  • look objectively at what we are doing by asking ourselves questions, like: is there a better / easier /more fun way of doing this?

Apparently non creative behaviour is learned. Some of the reasons behind this could be that creativity gets buried over time by rules and regulations, and we are educated to be good employees and follow instructions.

Being creative and innovative for me is about doing new things or doing things in a new way, but the problem as I see it is that we get stuck in a rut and take things too seriously. We are so busy sometimes that we forget to appreciate what we have and to just relax and have some fun.

So lets all lose our inhibitions and ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ and ‘sing like nobody’s listening’






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