Stress and Disease

Yesterday my post talked about being more creative, child like and having more fun but sometimes life or stressors get in the way.

Well life just got in the way, my worst nightmare has just come true  – I’ve lost my memory stick with all my assignments on! I think I left it in the Uni library last night but will only be able to check tomorrow morning.  So, I’m surrounded by books with a deadline looming but am determined not to get stressed.

Luckily the books I’m surrounded by are all about the biology of disease so I’ve looked up stress. The text books say a person can respond to stress in one of two ways, by adapting successfully or by failing to adapt. It worth noting that they all confirm that a maladaptive response to stress may result in disease / organ damage.

The following steps illustrate how the body reacts to stress:

  • A psychological or physical stressor occurs (realising I’ve lost my memory stick)
  • The central nervous system is aroused, hormones are released, heart rate goes up and you get an adrenaline rush associated with panic or aggression
  • The body responds to the stressor and attempt to return to homeostatis – coping mechanisms employed
  • If your body fails to adapt you enter the exhaustion stage, which can lead to disease, if it does adapt you recover

When I realised my memory stick was missing I panicked and I felt my blood run cold. Then when I took a deep breath I started to think clearer and remembered I had printed copies and if the worst comes to the worst I’ll just have to re-type them.

Lessons for today: back up your Uni work and don’t let yourself get stressed – it’s not good for your health!



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