Nutri-juice Health Promotion – ready to go!

Had a brilliant day and the library had my memory stick so I’m very happy!

Made good progress today with the nutri-juice Health Promotion event we’ve organised in the Edge Hill ‘Hub’ on Wednesday 22nd Jan.

  • Posters are finished and are now being printed
  • Applied for a licence to use the ‘5 a day logo’ on the promotional material on the stand
  • ‘5 a day’ leaflets ordered
  • Risk assessment done
  • Tables, cables etc ordered with Facilities Management team
  • Variety and quantity of fruit and vegetables are now with the catering team
  • Nutritional content of juices completed on nutrient analysis software system
  • New Juicing machines are bought and ready for use
  • Cups and straws bought
  • Aprons ready
  • Funding grant in place 
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation Charity promotional material received
  • Team are all briefed and raring to go!

The Nutrition and Health Programme Lead, Lecturers, Faculty of Health and Social Care Associate Dean, Student Union, Catering Team, Facilities Management, Press Office, Ethics Committee, Business School, Entrepreneur Mentor and the whole Uni have all been really supportive.

The students took part in our survey and gave us feedback on samples in our focus group and as 25% of our profits are going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation hopefully they will continue to support us on Wednesday by buying our pure juices.

Our survey told us that only 14% of our students eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, with the vast majority eating only 2 portions a day. Let’s hope we can raise awareness and change this, with our event next week.

We’ve also been invited to run the ‘nutri-juice‘ health promotion again at a ‘Well-being’ event for Uni staff in February so we will get the opportunity to spread the benefits there too.

Press office are coming along on the day so if we can get some publicity that will be fab.

I’ve really enjoyed the Nutrition and Entrepreneurship Module and would definitely recommend it to first year students, it’s been lots of hard work but great fun too. 


Health Promotion Poster

Health Promotion Poster

Rhian. Gemma, Kay, Val conducting our survey.

Rhian. Gemma, Kay, Val conducting our survey.

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