Warrington’s Health Profile – not good

I’m making good progress with my Biology of Disease assignment and when I was searching for statistical information to include I came across a document published by Public Health England outlining the Health Profiles of towns and cities across England.

The report published on 24th September 2013 gives a picture of health in a specific area, so I decided to look for my home town ‘Warrington’ located in the North West of England.

The population of Warrington is reported to be 203,000 and the following areas were some of those identified as being significantly worse than the England average:

  • Early deaths due to heart disease or stoke
  • People diagnosed with diabetes
  • Smoking related deaths
  • Alcohol specific hospital stays (under 18)
  • Hospital stays for alcohol related harm

It also reported that the life expectancy for both men and women in Warrington is significantly worse than the England average, about 5,700 children live in poverty and nearly 21% of children in year 6 are classed as obese.

This made for upsetting reading and from a trainee nutritionist perspective it highlights the huge challenges we face.

It’s hardly surprising when you see the facts above that early deaths from heart disease are in the list too as the following are all risk factors for coronary heart disease:

  • Obesity
  • Poor diet
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • lack of exercise
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol

I’ve lived in Warrington most of my life and the people are by far the best thing about it.

The report is designed to help local government and health services understand their community needs, so they can work to improve people’s health and reduce health inequalities. Let’s hope we see some improvement in the next report!

The following link provides access to the Health Profiles webpages:



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