Nutri-juice health promotion – great success!

Nutri-juice Health Promotion went really well today. We sold nearly a hundred juices and gave out many more free samples for students to try.
The aim of the promotion was to encourage students to eat more fruit and veg as in a recent survey we carried out we discovered that only 14% were eating the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. On average they are only eating 2 portions per day.

My application to use the official ‘5 a day’ logo was successful so we were able to use that in our promotional material. We issued lots of leaflets and chatted to as many people as we could about the health benefits of eating more fruit and veg.

We asked students to leave feedback and this was what they said:

  • Brain boosters nice – come back again soon
  • Tastes different, celery is very strong, overall it’s good though and healthy!
  • Very surprising taste, delicious and healthy
  • The taste is very powerful but can identify the contents, making you realise the purity and goodness.

We were like mini celebrities, having photos taken, being interviewed, making pod casts and appearing in promotional videos. All very exciting!

I’ve put a link to the Edge Hill Website, so you can see what we got up to.

Next event is planned for 10th Feb, this time our audience are University Lecturers and staff – planning starts next week.





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