Healthy Dessert – is there such a thing?

My Biology of Disease assignment had to be in by lunch time today and I was working on it right up to the last minute. Lesson learned – get it done well in advance of the deadline, then QA, QA, QA!

I’ve been relaxing this afternoon and working on a project to develop some healthy desserts. Today’s experiment included avocado, carob, ground nuts, seeds and agave nectar.




I’m using a recipe book from the USA to give me inspiration, called the ‘Raw Food Carob Desserts’ that is packed full of recipes that look like they have chocolate in, but they don’t!

So what’s healthy about this one?

Carob – doesn’t contain stimulants
Nuts – protein rich
Avocado – contains vitamin E, iron, potassium and niacin
Agave nectar – natural sweetener

Chilling it, gave a ganache consistency and it was delicious!

Next recipe to try banana and carob ice cream.


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