Banana pancakes

There’s a lovely song by Jack Johnson called ‘banana pancakes’. Well I’ve been making banana pancakes today and they are lovely too!

My son has coeliac disease and when I saw this recipe on the internet I just had to make it. I also made banana, and peanut butter ice cream we had them together and they are delicious.

The pancakes are simple to make: 1 mashed banana and 2 eggs, made into a batter.




Once the batter is ready, heat a griddle or frying pan: use 1 tablespoon of batter for each pancake. When golden-brown on both sides, plate up and add your favourite toppings. We had chopped almonds and brazils.

The pancakes are very light, and adding fresh fruit and chopped nuts make for a healthy pud. I might try something with dates or figs tomorrow.

Having a great time with my project to develop some gluten-free healthy desserts – my son is enjoying it too!


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