Old wives tales

Since I started my blog I’ve been writing about the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables, but I’ve not really gone into specifics about what’s in them that’s so good for us. Apart from the fact that they include fibre that help with digestion they have a range of vitamins that are important for our health and well-being.

Research has shown that young adults, don’t eat enough fruit and veg and at the same time take excellent health for granted. Having two sons, this is a real concern for me but as they get older you can only encourage them, you can’t make them.

On the positive side however, many young adults are playing sport, going to the gym and generally being more active, so if we can get them to combine this with healthier food choices, we are on to a winner.

It is interesting that some ‘old wives tales’ do have an element of truth about them, for example :

  • ‘Eat your carrots they’ll help you see in the dark’ – Vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness and carrots contains vitamin A.
  • ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – A recent study reported by the British Heart Foundation concluded that if over 50’s ate an apple a day, it could help prevent or delay around 8,500 deaths from cardiovascular disease. (Statins were however more effective see link below for full article).
  • ‘Feed a cold, starve a fever’ – I can’t find any evidence to substantiate this one. The Oxford Dictionary of proverbs provides some history but the main consensus is that there is no medical reason for diet changes with a cold or fever.



‘image: http://www.freeimages.co.uk’

I’ll look into Vitamin A more closely in my next post.


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