Networking broadens your horizons

What I really enjoy about going to new places and meeting new people is that you find out all sorts of interesting information that you didn’t know, you didn’t know.

When I’m out and about, if I’m introduced to a new topic or given a name of an individual or organisation I’ve never heard of, I note it down and follow it up with a bit of research.   I’m one of those annoying people that during a lecture or presentation I make copious notes.  Sometimes I don’t refer back to them, just the process of writing down seems to help me remember.  Taking time-out to reflect back on the events of the day is not always easy, but it is great way of consolidating knowledge and broadening horizons.

At the ‘Can Cook’ Event I blogged about in yesterdays post, Robbie told us about his food hero Michael Pollan the author of ‘Cooked’ and ‘Omnivores Dilemma’.  I wrote in my notes.. MUST READ!!  I’ve ordered both books and will let you know what I think in a future post.


Yesterday we also spent time talking about the struggles of cooking on a tight budget and Robbie referred to a famous blog called ‘A girl called Jack’. It was a teeny bit embarrassing that as nutrition students we were not already aware of this blog, but that’s the beauty of networking.  I’ve just spent an hour catching up on Jack Monroe’s journey from unemployed, single parent to journalist / campaigner on poverty issues and it’s a beguiling read.


If you get a spare few minutes check out the following link you won’t be disappointed.


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