Do look back!

This illustration pretty much sums up my last twelve months! It’s from my favourite birthday card drawn by my talented friend Rhian from Quack Animal Art, showing me with my head in a book studying for my degree, developing and health promotion to encourage students to eat more fruit and veg, and posing with my medal from my first ever Marathon.

Illustrated by Rhian from Quack Animal Art

Illustrated by Rhian from Quack Animal Art

Like lots of people I’m so busy getting on with clearing what’s on my ‘to do’ list, getting ready for a new challenge or planning what I’m going to do next, I forget to look back on all the great things that have happened and what I’ve achieved.

As part of our degree studies we are encouraged to reflect on our experiences and use what we have learned to shape what we do in the future.  This is really good advice as I sit here planning my final year dissertation. So, what have I learned in the last 12 months:

  • If I can train for a marathon, whilst working and studying I can do anything!
  • I love my subject area of ‘nutrition and health’ and am so happy that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and study for a degree at Edge Hill University
  • I’ve got a great support network, including lecturers, my boss, colleagues at work and lovely friends and family who encourage me and listen to my many and varied nutritional musings.
  • The health promotion ‘Nutri-juice‘ was a great opportunity to put my project management skills in to practice. It was a great feeling to see the initial idea come to life and winning the Edge Hill Student Enterprise Award, and my first trophy, will always make me smile. 
  • Don’t get overwhelmed when the pressure is on, just take small steps and don’t give up.

On a more personal note the sad loss of close friends and family members this year highlighted how precious life is and the importance of following your dreams. So my plan going forward is to continue to make the most of every day, be adventerous, and do what I enjoy.




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