Move more and have fun!

This summer Change4Life has teamed up with the global brand ‘Disney’ to encourage families to move more and have fun.


Over 225,000 families so far, have signed up for the 10 minute shake up campaign, and with roadshows taking place across the country there is still time to sign up and join in the fun:

As a student nutritionist I am keen to encourage people to be more active and make better food choices to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Making small changes can reap big rewards.

Here are some suggestions from the Change4Life Great Swapathon campaign:

  • Swap sugary fizzy drinks for water, milk or pure fruit juice
  • Swap fry-ups for ‘grill-ups’
  • Swap the sweet jar for a bowl of fruit
  • Swap snacking on the run for three proper meals every day
  • Swap the big plates you eat off for smaller ones, to help keep portion sizes in check
  • Swap white bread sandwiches for wholemeal ones
  • Swap four wheels for two feet
  • Swap sitting around indoors for racing around outdoors
  • Swap the lift for the stairs
  • Swap vegging on the sofa for a swim at your local pool

These swaps and the ’10 minute shake up’ don’t just apply to kids!

I went for a quick swim straight from work today, and as well as getting some exercise I got chatting to a lovely mum about her young daughter and food allergies. That was way more interesting than watching TV.



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