Life is just a bowl of cherries!

“Life is just like a bowl of cherries” is a saying used to convey that life is wonderful.

IMG_1490.JPGIt is also the title of a 1931 song with a great message that still rings true today. The first verse says:
Don’t take it too serious,
Life’s too mysterious,
You work, you save, you worry so,
But you can’t take your dough, when you go, go, go.

From a nutritional perspective cherries and cherry juice are power houses of goodness.

IMG_1817.JPGA study into ‘cherry Antioxidants: from farm to table’ outlines that sweet and sour contain compounds that have antioxidant, anti cancer and anti inflammatory properties. This can be enhanced when grown in temperatures of 25 to 30 degree C.

Transport and storage can have a negative effect but today’s swift harvesting methods and freezing methods mean sour cherries derived from species such as Montmorency are said to retain high levels of nutrients.

In the study I found there was evidence reported that a 90 day cherry intake reduces the levels of pro-inflammatory molecules in plasma and further invitro studies provided evidence of a reduction in the proliferation of human colon cancer cells in culture.

I don’t know about you but I have this habit of associating certain foods with certain people. Cherries remind me of my good friend ‘Sharon’ who regularly eats them and loves the taste. Now I’ve noticed that Sharon has a lovely clear complexion. If nothing else that’s a great reason to eat more cherries!


Thanks Pam for the lovely picture x

One comment

  1. Lovely saying :-). I love cherries too, picked quite a few this summer!

    I would never think to associate food with friends, at least not in the way you describe. More in a way of that I have shared certain food with certain people, and that’s why they are “linked” together by a shared food memory

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