Back to Uni for my final year..

Just when I thought my degree course couldn’t get any better I find myself donning a lab coat and lighting a bunsen burner, to  determine the slip point of various fats (that’s the temperature at which they melt). It was brilliant! 


Lab work

Val – enjoying the lab work 

We conducted experiments testing butter, sunflower oil, lard and coconut oil, to establish their properties and how food manufacturers conduct similar tests when developing new products and for quality control.

Sue - The Bunsen Burner Queen

Sue – The Bunsen Burner Queen

I’m so happy to be back at University for my final year, which I think is going to fly by.

My modules this year are:

  • Therapeutic approaches to nutrition.
  • Public Health Nutrition.
  • Wider determinants of overweight and obesity.
  • Personal career development.
  • Biological Sciences / lab work.

Since coming back to Uni I’ve also had two fascinating lectures in Public Health Nutrition which in a nut shell is concerned with: preventing disease, promoting health and prolonging life.

In Therapeutic Approaches to Nutrition  lecture 1, we identified a range of food related health issues,  explored the role of nutritionists and dietitians and discussed the importance of  building good therapeutic relationships. Lecture 2 covered the stages of change transtheoretical model and motivational interviewing, which included some practise interviews where we matched intervention to the relevant stage of change.

We also had a lecture outlining what is required of us with our Dissertation and a Personal Career Development lecture with some fascinating insights in to the job application process.

A great start to my final year.


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