Even though my degree studies have finished I still spend hours reading nutrition and health related journal articles, I just can’t get enough of them! 

beerEveryday new ones are published, revealing the details of primary research and literature reviews on complex, weird and wonderful topics.  As a student, I used these peer reviewed journal articles to help prove and disprove various arguments, and now I’m reading them just for fun!

What I’d like to do is share my findings with you here on my blog. I’ll try not to blind you with science or quote chapter and verse but will report research that interests me, hopefully you will find it interesting too.

Here’s what I’ve been reading today:

  • Excessive alcohol use is a major public health concern and finding ways to cut consumption is a popular area of research.
  • In one study alcohol consumption of beer reduced when straight glasses were used instead of curved glasses.
  • Takings reduced by 24% in 3 pubs when alcohol was served in straight glasses compared to the weekends when alcohol was served in curved glasses.
  • A small number of patrons were unhappy with the new glassware and requested their normal glass.
  • This study explored how people’s behaviour and the choices they make can be influenced at population level – known as ‘choice architecture interventions’.
  • Another example of this is applying health warning labels to alcoholic beverages. In the USA this did result in greater awareness of alcohol-related harm, however the impact on drinking behaviour was minimal.
  • It’s not clear why straight glasses reduced consumption and this was only a small study so further research is called for.

Personally my alcohol consumption reduces when I’m forced to drink out of a plastic glass, it just feels wrong!  Perhaps I should conduct my own study.


Troy, D, M.,  Maynard, O, M., Hickman, M., Attwood, A, S. & Munafò, M,R  (2015) Effect of glass shape on alcohol consumption in a naturalistic setting: a feasibility study

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