Month: August 2016

From Student to Nutritionist

Taking early retirement from the Civil Service at the end of May 2016 to pursue my passion for nutrition was definately the right decision.


What I didn’t expect to happen from day one, was to be dealing first hand with the massive nutritional challenges faced by a head & neck cancer patient in my own home.

My husband says “everyone diagnosed with cancer should have their own live-in nutritionist” – Personally I think that might be a step too far!


In reality it has given me a purpose and something to focus on.  The Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding tube doesn’t phase me and I’m now a bit of an expert on the nutritional value of an Ensure Plus.

With such lovely family and friends who could be miserable, reading everyones lovely messages on Facebook has also given me a lift.

At Uni we studied how a poor diet can cause some cancers and how quickly malnutrition can take hold with those undergoing cancer treatment such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Having said that unless you’ve lived through it you can’t understand how bad this disease and the treatment is. We can’t praise everyone at Cancer Clatterbridge Centre highly enough, they are all so committed and caring, you know you are in safe hands.  The BBC series ‘The Big C and me‘  was brilliant, real people just getting on with it, very inspirational.


It’s now ten days after treatment ended and hubby is starting to feel a little bit better.

The last three months have not been all doom and gloom, we eventually managed to laugh at his new footballer haircut and our trip to watch Andy Murray win in the Wimbledon final was truly amazing.  We’ve stayed up most nights being inspired by our fabulous GB athletes in the Olympics and have had loads of time to read and plan for the future.

Very much looking forward to celebrating when he gets the all clear.

I’ve not posted on my blog for a while, but this is the first of many following my progress as a nutritionist rather than a student. I went back to Uni on Saturday to do some research and loved it.  I’ve found lots of interesting research to share, so watch this space…….

Val x