Alcohol – key risk factor for health

I’ve finally finished my ‘Biology of Disease’ assignment and one key risk factors for health that keeps coming up is alcohol. I know lots of people have given up drinking for January so hopefully those that have are starting to feel the health benefits.


The Change4life website explains what impact alcohol can have including:

  • Having just a drink or two most evenings can do a lot of harm to your body, inside and out
  • If you drink alcohol regularly you’ll put on weight and build up a bit of a spare tyre
  • It can disrupt your sleep and make you feel groggy or a bit low in the mornings
  • Skin might not be as clear as it was
  • Drinking too much can lead to decreased sexual performance, especially for men

The NHS website says:

  • A pint of beer has as many calories as a packet of crisps
  • An average wine drinker in England takes in around 2,000kcals from alcohol in a month
  • Drinking makes many people snack – more calories!
  • Some people eat an unhealthy fried breakfast to help with a hangover – even more calories!
  • Alcohol contains 7 calories a gram (almost as many as fat)

DrinkAware says:

  • Men should not regularly exceed 3-4 units a day (that’s a pint and a half of beer if 4% proof or a large 250ml glass of wine if 13% proof)
  • Women should not regularly exceed 2-3 units per day (that’s a medium glass of wine 175ml, or a pint of beer)
  • 1 medium glass of wine is 175 kcal so you need to run for 18 minutes to burn it off!

Alcohol accounts for 6.5% of all deaths in Europe and in the UK more than 1 in 10 deaths of people in their 40s are mostly from alcoholic liver disease.

It’s scary when you read the facts and it not only can be detrimental to your health and you waistline, it can hurt your finances too.