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Transition day

I am just finishing off my final assignment of the year, which is to develop a primary research proposal as part of the Understanding Research Module. The limit is 4,000 words and I’m up to 4,399 so the challenge is to cut it down but make sure the learning outcomes are met and the relevant points we have covered throughout the year are included. I’m planning to undertake primary research for my dissertation next year so this assignment is really going to give me a head start as it’s helping me to refine my ideas.

When I go back to University in September I’ll be in my final year and to prepare for this I attended a Transition Day for Health and Social Care students at Edge Hill.

I got a great deal out of the event and came away both excited and bit apprehensive about the challenges ahead. This is what we covered:

The day started with a warm welcome from our Programme lead (Hazel Flight) who stressed the importance of good time management, taking note of feedback, accessing support well in advance and turning up for lectures.

Dissertation preparation
Gill Brown & Lucy Gibson provided a good insight into preparing for our dissertation. Here are the key points:

  • It’s 8,000 words
  • Is an extended piece of research
  • It can either be a literature review or primary research
  • Start reading over the summer and come back in September with a firm idea for a research topic
  • Ask our dissertation supervisor for advice and guidance, making sure we have specific questions to ask to maximise the time available.

Ethics: Jeremy Brown talked about the importance of getting ethical approval before any research is undertaken and directed us to a few good websites including the British Education Research Association covering ethical guidelines for schools.

Level 6 writing: Iain Gannon delivered a presentation about level 6 writing and the importance of critical appraisal and good referencing.

After lunch Kevin O’hara, Nicci and Sue from West Lancs CVS talked passionately about the benefits of volunteering and the wide range of volunteering opportunities available. Sue provided information on Connect 4 Life an innovative community focused project, and the great work they do including developing personal profiles and circles of support. Nicci runs the Volunteer Centre recruiting organisations and volunteers and matching them up. She encouraged everyone to volunteer and talked enthusiastically about how it can help develop new skills and improve your CV. For more information on their work see:


Personal and Career Development Module

Peter Leadbetter and Hazel outlined the module and gave details of the 20 day placements we need to do next year.

The Student Experience
We gained a real insight into year 3 from students who are about to graduate. They stressed the importance of reading and we were advised to do a plan in September and stick to it.

It was a really worthwhile event will definitely stand me in good stead for the new academic year.