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Student Enterprise Award Winners 2014

Had a great week last week, managed to finish two uni assignments and won my first ever trophy.








The trophy was awarded for the Nutri-juice health promotion we designed and delivered as part of our Nutrition and Entrepreneurship module. See earlier post: https://nutritionval.com/2014/01/22/nutri-juice-health-promotion-great-success/

We had been notified that we had been short listed and were invited to attend the Student Employability Awards event. The evening celebrated the links between Edge Hill University, employers, volunteer organisations and students. There were 4 nominations for our award and we were amazed when we were announced as the winners.

I’ve got lots of medals from my running and triathlons but this is my first ever trophy – I’m absolutely delighted.

It’s great that our hard work was recognised as the assignment was just to develop a health promotion but we decided to take it a stage further and actually deliver it. I had the role of Chief Executive Officer and used my project management skills to make sure we developed a quality product, delivered on time, within budget.

To make sure we stayed true to our objective to improve the health status of students, I ensured the juices measured 150ml and could therefore be classed as one of the ‘five a day’. To meet our second objective to promote the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables I applied for and was awarded a licence to use the ‘5 a day’ logo on our promotional material and ordered some leaflets, which added credibility to our stall. I was also proud to give my share of the takings on the day (£41) to ‘The Starlight Children’s Foundation’ who I was raising money for in the London Marathon.

Delivering the health promotion instead of just writing about it really brought the module to life. Working as part of a team was sometimes challenging but the benefits outweighed the drawback as each team member had specific skills that we were able to tap in to. Our lecturer Hazel Flight was great, she gave the right amount of support and guidance but let us run with our idea
and be creative and innovative. She also nominated us for the award and said ‘she was proud to have us as her students’. Support from the Business School and ‘Try It’ funding was invaluable and getting the catering team to supply the produce at cost really helped make the trade day in January a real success.

I’m really glad that I did the Nutrition and Entrepreneurship module option and putting the extra effort in was worth it. I would definitely recommend the module to other students.

Access the following link for more information about the event: hhttp://www.edgehill.ac.uk/news/2014/01/students-create-brain-busting-nutri-juices/