Valentines day 2014

Happy Valentine’s day!

At Uni today the British Heart Foundation had a stall promoting the importance of heart health which I thought was a really great idea especially on Valentines Day. They had heart shaped balloons, lots of free information with hearts on and free red apples and raspberries to give away. It made for a eye catching display and didn’t look out of place amongst the other stalls selling valentines cards and heart shaped goodies.


The health promotion highlighted 10 steps we can all take to make our heart healthier:

1. Get active – do 150 minute moderate intensity aerobic activity ever week. (30 minutes x 5 days a week).
2. Give up smoking – this is one of the main risk factors for coronary heart disease.
3. Manage your weight – stick to a well balanced diet, low in fat and high in fruit and vegetables.
4. Ditch the salt – stop using salt at the table and try adding less when cooking. Check labels: 1.5g salt or 0.6g sodium per 100g is high.
5. Get your 5 a day – eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
6. Eat oily fish – omega 3 fats in fish such as mackerel, sardines, fresh tuna and salmon help protect against heart disease.
7. Walk off stress – if feeling under pressure go for a walk as it helps reduce tension.
8. Cut saturated fat – choose semi-skimmed over full-fat milk, leaner cuts of meat and steam or grill foods rather than frying.
9. Drink less alcohol – it’s fattening.
10. Read food labels – checking what the ingredients are will help make healthier food choices.

For more information check out:


A healthy lifestyle can prevent fatty material called atheroma building up in the coronary arteries, which in turn can help prevent coronary heart disease. The good news is that incidence rates for heart attacks have decreased for all age groups and both sexes since the 1960’s. The bad news is cardiovascular disease remains the biggest killer in the UK.

It’s never too late to change your lifestyle and protect your heart, if you are over 40 you should be invited in by your GP for an NHS health check. If you fit into this age group and you’ve not been invited yet, speak to your GP.

Lots of love x