manchester art gallery

Honey and herbs a wonderful combination!

I love honey and I love herbs, but adding them to cocktails and serving them in an art gallery made me love them even more! The healing properties of honey have been talked about since ancient times and herbs not only add flavour but have been found to have a wide range of health benefits.
The event at the Manchester Art Gallery was a perfect way to unwind after work.

What made it even more special was that the honey and herbs used were all from the Manchester Art Gallery rooftop garden.

We enjoyed the Rosemary Lemonade and both the Whisky and Citrus Buzz made from honey, lime, grapefruit and ginger ale. The Honey Gin Jam was delicious served with mint and so was the Vodka, Lemon, Sage Martini.

There was a gentle buzz of chatter as people sat and shared their stories, and the music added to the lovely atmosphere. The little bar area looked stylish with pots of fragrant herbs, fruity tasters and a citrus bowl display.

We managed to fit in a relaxing wonder around the gallery and a visit to the gift shop before heading back for a final cocktail and the train home.

The Gallery opens late on a Thursday but this was the first time they had hosted the ‘Honey & Herb’ night. I for one hope they do it again very soon!



I’m an artist!……….

I’ve been on holiday this week in the Balearic Island of Mallorca. It was sunny, there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, the sea was crystal clear and the food superb.


Now I don’t know whether it’s this combination that makes your skin glow or if it’s purely the Mediterranean diet, but either way I loved it. Here’s a selection of what we ate, with special thanks to my sister Pam, who when she isn’t taking pictures of cats, takes a mean foodie pic.20140913-120154.jpg
Photographing food is the norm in my house, as I don’t think you can beat an original image to sit along side your nutritional musings. Generally my family and close friends accept that they are not allowed to eat or drink until I’ve got the right shot, which usually takes a few attempts. I thought I may attract attention in the beautiful surroundings of the Hotel I’ll a Dor and restaurants in and around Puerto Pollensa, but nobody batted an eyelid, I guess that’s the Tw-insta-book’ phenomenon!

Come to think of it, the only place anyone has ever commented on this unusual hobby / obsession, is the
Manchester Art Gallery, when I whipped out my iPad to take a couple of pictures of a sugar bowl with a lovely array of sugar cubes, (no it wasn’t a display it was an actual sugar bowl on the refreshments table) and a member of the catering team said with a look of pure disdain “you’re taking a picture of sugar”. I replied “I’m an artist” and flounced off. One of my colleagues had commented earlier, that I was looking very bohemian that day, so I think I might just have got away with it!
To see a real food artist click on the following link to look at some amazing foodscapes by Carl Warner :

I’m no Carl Warner, but I hope you enjoy the images, we certainly enjoyed what’s in them.