Points and sins

It seems everyone is on a diet, cutting down, counting sins, or adding up points. This January is no different to any other and the diet industry is making a fortune. For me as a future nutritionist it’s good to hear people talking about limiting the amount of sweet stuff, fried or junk food they are eating, and seeing them tucking into healthy salads from their little chiller bags and eating more consciously is a delight.  During the transition from overindulging over the festive period to eating a more balanced diet it’s easy to see why people are counting down the hours until lunch or snack time. Having a plan and sticking to it will increase the chances of success and keeping hydrated is very beneficial too. A food diary is als a really good idea to help keep track.

One of my bug bears about some popular diets around today are the absence of some nutritious food items such as nuts, seeds and so-called high fat foods such as avocados. Adding nuts, seeds, olive oil or nut oil dressings to salads are an ideal way of providing the body with a good supply of unsaturated fat. The British Dietetic Association has many resources on its website, that anyone can tap into such as their ‘Food Fact Sheets’. In the ‘Depression and Diet’ Food Fact Sheet, it outlines that our brains are made of 40% fat, and our cells need fats to maintain their structures.

So why not give your brain some healthy fuel and enjoy a healthy lunch of gluten-free corn cakes with avocado and a squeeze of lime, it’s both refreshing and light.

Or try a sweet and sour evening meal of brown rice, cashews, chickpeas, peas, and pineapple with some chinese five spice and a dash of soya sauce – well-balanced and delicious!Val