Get ‘Vegucated’

I watched a thought-provoking documentary last night called ‘Vegucated‘. It followed 3 meat, cheese and dairy loving New Yorkers who adopted a vegan diet for 6 weeks to discover what its all about.


It was very watchable and although the film covered very briefly, the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet, its main focus was on the atrocities committed to fill our fridges and stomachs.

Today I can’t get the images out of my head of male chicks being thrown live into a crusher, deemed useless because they don’t lay eggs, piglets being castrated and cattle being branded without anaesthetic. You might say ignorance is bliss but once you’ve seen this film, bliss goes out of the window and disappears over the horizon.
I wish the film had given more of an insight into health benefits, suggested healthy vegan meals and covered any potential nutritional deficiencies that may result in this dietary switch. In an earlier post I mentioned that I had chosen to study vegetarianism as part of my degree course which was really interesting and I had attended a vegetarian Healthy Eating cookery course at the Vegetarian Society in Altrincham which was great fun and informative. Veganism wasn’t on my radar then, so I’ll need to do some research starting with the following links:

Vegans choose not to eat anything which is taken from animals, for example:

  • No meat, fish nor other substances that come directly from killing an animal, such as animal fats and gelatine
  • No dairy products such as cows milk, cheese and yogurt; nor goats milk
  • No eggs nor foods containing eggs such as Quorn
  • No honey

I’ve started reading ‘The Omnivores Dilemma‘ and today I wish I was a Koala bear! Pollan the author contrasts the omnivores situation with that of that of specialized eaters such as koala’s. Whilst omnivores struggle to make everyday food choices the koala doesn’t worry about what to eat: if it smells like eucalyptus leaf, it must be dinner.

To deal with today’s lunch time dilemma I made a batch of sushi with avocado, carrot, cucumber and ginger – delicious!